Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nefertari (QV66) on OsirisNet


I always have a smile on my face even before I've opened an email from Thierry because I always know that I'm going to enjoy what he reports!

Thanks to Jon, we are now proud to present 'The complete Nefertari'.

As you know, Nefertari's tomb, QV 66, is considered as one of the most beautiful in Egypt. The pages for the tomb are now completed, and Jon has also updated his 3D tour, making the virtual visit of the tomb a unique experience on the Internet, and alas, in reality. because the tomb itself is now closed to the public.

So rush to

You won't regret it.
Enjoy !

TECHNICAL NOTE : the users of Firefox or Google Chrome must update the Cortona plug-in for the 3D tour: it is necessary to install version 6.0 at least. This is currently in beta, but doesn't appear to have any problems.
It is explained, with the download link, on the special page of the 3D tour.
It is extremely simple to install, and only takes about 3 minutes.
If you still encounter problems with the Cortona, then try the new Cosmo plugin. Again details and the download link are on the special page of the 3D tour.

Merry Christmas !


Original pages created by Jon Hirst
Images taken from the 3D tour created by Jon Hirst
Copyright OsirisNet 2008

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