Saturday, January 31, 2009

Backdirt 2007

Cotsen Institute of Archaeology UCLA

Normally the news items on this site are a day or two old. This newsletter from the IOA at UCLA is nearly two years old. It is also over 40mb in size (110 pages of A4 if you're tempted to print it out). But I have only just found it and it is full of great things archaeological. Very enjoyable.

If your only interest is Egypt it may not worth the download time but there are some good articles about Egypt including Searching for Ancient Proteins by Hans Barnard on Eastern Desert ware, a brief summary to introduce the book Roman Foodprints at Berenike: Archaeobotanical Evidence of Subsistence and Trade in the Eastern Desert of Egypt By René T.J. Cappers and and an excellent article by Willeke Wendrich entitled "A cultural heritage centre in the desert".

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