Friday, February 20, 2009

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology Dig Diary

Kelsey Dig Diary

The Abydos project dig diary has now been kicked off by the teams conservators. There is a useful general entry about the type of information will be possible to write up on the blog:

Our postings are grouped by project week, so please click the most recent week at left to read more.

But while you're here...we want to tell you something unique about our blog entries from the Abydos project. Egypt, specifically the Supreme Council of Antiquities (S.C.A. for short - and isn't Supreme Council a great name for an organization?), has some special rules concerning foreign archaeological missions. Some of these have to do with our favorite topic, conservation! But the rules pertinent to our blog involve how archaeological discoveries are announced in Egypt.

Basically - all archaeological teams must first report discoveries to the S.C.A. And the S.C.A. then in turn reports discoveries to national and international media. What this means for all of us, is that we won't be bringing you news of specific discoveries, nor will we be showing you photos of objects coming out of the ground. But don't worry, there is PLENTY of fascinating stuff happening on the project that we can talk about, so if you're interested in how it all works, this blog is for you.

These S.C.A. rules might seem like kind of a bummer, but they exist for a good reason. There is a lot of hype surrounding everything archaeological in Egypt, and crazy stories can spread wildfire. To illustrate this point, below we have a quote from the head of the S.C.A., Dr. Zahi Hawass.

"Week 1", which is the first blog post, is now available on the above site. The dig has been underway for around two weeks so far.

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