Friday, February 27, 2009

KMT Spring 2009


Thanks very much to John Rauchert for letting me know that noticed that details of the new issue of KMT (cover and table of contents for Volume 20, No. 1 ) have been posted on their site. Hopefully it will be available in outlets soon.

The seven feature articles are listed as follows:

  • French-Egyptian Excavations at the Opet Temple, Karnak by Multiple Authors
  • Mounument closeup: The Temple of Khonsu, Karnak by Dennis Forbes
  • Under the Disk & Crescent: Use of Khonsu-Related Elements in a Tutankhamen Pectoral by Earl L. Ertman
  • History of the Tomb of Ramose (TT55) Revealed in the Workmanship of Its Reliefs by Arielle Kosloff
  • Photo Essay: The Oases of Egypt’s Western Desert by Aidan Dodson & Dyan Hilton
  • Ancient Egyptian Table Manners by Sonia Focke
  • Ancient Egypt & the Hawaiian Language by Donald P. Ryan

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