Thursday, March 19, 2009

Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces

Thanks to Tom Gray for letting me know about the new Creative Spaces venture. Tom is working with the British Museum and 8 other major British galleries and museums on a new social media project called Creative Spaces.

Creative Spaces throws open the collections of: The Royal Armouries, The V&A, The Imperial War Museum, British Museum, Tate, National Portrait Gallery, Natural History Museum, Sir John Soane’s Museum and The Wallace Collection. Obviously the British Museum is going to be of most interest to Egyptology enthusiasts but I'm sure that there are people who read the blog who, like me, will also be interested in the other collections.

The site allows you to search all the collections at once, tag and store items in notebooks and groups, and upload your own images, videos and notes to share creative inspiration with others - effectively creating your own collection from some of the world's greatest museum collections.

The site is still in beta, but you can find it at the above address.

This is a nonprofit, public sector project, and it’s the first time that national museums have collaborated in this way.

As I said on a recent post, social networking is not my thing but this looks like a good idea and if anyone has anything to report about their experiences please post your comments in reply to this post so that I can let Tom know.

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