Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy birthday to the blog

And I'm feeling its age! :-)

Thanks so much for all the good wishes for my birthday - they were great!

for the Oscars-like length of this, but this year there have been so many contributors.

Many, many thanks to everyone listed below, either for contributing directly to the blog, for sending me links, news, photographs or commenting with interesting observations about posts. As I've observed many times before, this blog would be a very pale thing without the efforts of all its contributors and supporters.

Special thanks, of course, to Ben for keeping the blog running whilst I was away at the end of last year by taking over the blog, and for Kat for helping him to do it.

Kat Newkirk
Ben Morales-Correa
Chris Townsend
Bob Partridge
Diane Leeman

Stan Parchin
Thierry Benderitter
David Petersen and Oxford
Rhio Barnhart
Tony Marson
Simon Clenell
Geoff Carter
Jonathan Calvert
Jane Akshar
Vincent Brown
Geoffrey Tassie
Rinus Ormerling
David Gill
Nick Reeves
George Stilwell
Ingeborg Waanders
Pierfranco Dotti
Rick Menges
Andrew Humphreys
Kate Phizackerley
Peter White
Paul Rymer
Huib Bennekom
Richard Vijay
Angela Brown
Lin Wang
John Wyatt
Debra Conway
Brian Hunt
Fred Sierevogel
Patricia from Texas
Paula Veiga
Noreen Doyle
Roy Pool
Helen Strudwick
Alan (Robot 9)
Brian Yare
Mark Fox
John Rauchert
The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology for permission to use photos

Google Reader
Google Alerts

Apologies to anyone I've missed out!


Geoff Carter said...

Congratulations Andie, a staggering amount of work has gone into this and your other blogs, entirely for the benefit of all; thank you very much.

For those who don’t know, researchers at the University of Rutland, have estimated that up to 7% of the Internet has been written by Andie, and extraordinarily, most of it is accurate, literate, and not even slightly pornographic, but nobody is perfect.

pier said...

I wish other 5 x 10 = 50 years to to you and your blog!

S. Stockwell said...

Thank you, thank you for the great Blog!!! This link is for all of you...

Vincent said...

Many happy returns of the day to your blog Andie!

Many thanks for your ongoing service to the community.

Unknown said...

May the blog and you both be around for many years and that all of us may also be here, alive and kicking to watch it!!!!!!!!!!!

Ingeborg W. said...

Congratulations Andie, Ben and Kat! Your baby has become a beautiful and impressive adult over the years and an invalubale source of information and news.

Thank you for all your hard work and here's to many more years!

Hip hip, hooray!

Margaret Maitland said...

Happy belated Birthday to you and the blog! Thanks to you and your contributers for all the hard work and such a wonderful resource! It's a pleasure to read- I can't imagine the Internet or Egyptology without it!

Ben Morales-Correa said...

Congratulations, Andie. Google has just ranked Egyptology News as 6/10.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your blog. I don't see Ben of much help, the blog is dead if he is in charge.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts as to when you will be adding to the blog?

Anonymous said...

Have you retired? Everyone has birthdays, everyone is getting older, you will get older still.

Timothy Reid said...

Do I know what it is like to spend hours searching for Egyptology news so try here

and Andie take care and keep hugging those trees nothing can compare

kat newkirk said...

Dear Anonymous,

Quit griping- do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a blog like this running? And instead of character assasination aimed at Ben, you should bless his name for trying to step in and help, no matter how busy he is on his own projects. Why don't you give his blog a look-see, there's a link on this blog's homepage.

Anonymous said...

I've seen it. Wake me please. I know how much effort it takes to do a blog, especially one that is done every day,everyday.

Mark Morgan said...

Happy blog birthday Andie!

I must get back to doing mine one day...

kat newkirk said...

Dear Anonymous,

Why not just quit visiting this blog since it fails to meet your expectations/petulant demands? And hiding behind 'Anonymous' is the coward's way to critisize one's betters, people who actually do instead of complain! Note I use my legal name to sign what I post.

Anonymous said...

Ones's betters? Certainly not you two. Might as well stop visiting, no updating or reason why, there are other sites, thankfully.

Joan Lansberry said...

Well, I am late to wish the blog a happy birthday (and to you as well). It's rather sorry, those critical people. I maintain a rather massive website, I know it's not always easy to update!
I thank you and your collaborators for all the efforts you have given over the years. I appreciate them.

Andie said...

Thanks so much for all the kind posts - much appreciated. It is always gret to find lots of nice people out there! Geoff, your comment really made me laugh.

Apologies, again, for the sudden silence. I have had certain difficulties in my personal life.

To the anonymous comments attacking Ben and Kat I just want to say that I am so sad that my failure to update the blog exposed Ben and Kat to such unfair criticism. This is my blog and I take responsibiity for it. It is not up to them to do my job for me.

To those who criticised me, my answer is that although I accept that should have published an explanation I was feeling somewhat paralysed at the time. When you visit a personal website like this blog what you see one tiny dimension of someone's life. You should understand that sometimes a project like this can collapse when other parts of the owner's life collapse.

I debated giving it up altogether because I had abandoned it for so many weeks, but it seems worth giving it another go.

As one of the anonymous comments said, there are other Egyptology news sites out there including Tim's and Ben's and they are certainly good to visit as well. I have them both on Google Reader. The more the merrier.

A belated Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. I hope that there were lots of eggs involved!

Cheers to all