Saturday, March 21, 2009

Interview with Zahi Hawass

SCAD District (Megan Kirby)

There is an inverview with Hawass on the above page. The following is an extract for the introduction. For a good summary of some of the important points made in the interview see Kate Phizackerley's blog.

Hawass, the Secretary General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, oversees the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and all the temples, monuments and artifacts in Egypt. He controls all archaeological activity at Giza, Saqqara, and the Bahariya Oasis. He is, as Time magazine wrote, when naming him to their 2005 list of the 100 Most Influential People, “The Man.”

For his work in the field of Egyptology Hawass was recently named a Goodwill Ambassador to Japan, on top of his titles of Commander and Officer in the Italian and French governments, respectively. In 2001 he was named the eighth ‘Explorer in Residence’ by National Geographic, and for his work on a 2006 documentary, he won an Emmy award.

Balancing his time between archaeological fieldwork, traveling the world, speaking about his latest discoveries and personal experiences in the study of ancient Egypt, Hawass is constantly busy. His visit to SCAD was the icing on the cake for what turned out to be a very ancient Egyptian-influenced winter quarter for the Art History Department.

See the above page for the interview.

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