Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Book: Mons Claudianus. Ostraca graeca et latina IV

What's New in Papyrology

Adam Bülow-Jacobsen, Mons Claudianus. Ostraca graeca et latina IV

The international excavations at Mons Claudianus (1987-1993) in the Eastern Desert with the collaboration of the IFAO produced over 9000, mostly Greek, ostraca. This fourth volume in the series contains texts that are directly concerned with the technicalities and the daily administration of the quarrying. All texts are from the second century of our era. There are lists of distribution of workers to individual quarries, letters and requisitions concerning tools, texts concerning the forges and the maintenance of tools. There is a series of drafts of letters to the procurator Caesaris concerning finished works, and a number of more private letters illustrating the life in the quarries.
At the end there are three appendices: a dictionary of termini technici, many of which are new, one concerning the number of people working in the quarries, and one concerning the transportation of the stone down to the Nile.

See the above page for more details, plus a summary in French.

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