Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Proyecto Djehuty closes for the season

Proyecto Djehuty

The 8th season of the Djehuty Project has now ended for the year. The site was closed up with locks on the iron gates, the seal of the SCA put in place. It was then walled up with stones and cement.

The preliminary report for the Supreme Council of Antiquities is being prepared, which details the work achieved this season. The work includes the restoration of the White Lady, the restoration of the coffin Iqer, the beginning of the restoration of the walls of the chapel of Djehuty, excavation of the tomb of the 11th Dynasty tomb in the courtyard of Djehuty, the excavation of the burial chamber, the excavation of a chamber of tomb 399 and the analysis of epigraphy, ceramics, bones, etc.

Excavations will continue in season 9.

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