Thursday, April 16, 2009

KV-63 Season Summary

KV-63 Update

There's a good summary of this year's KV-63 season, which ended on 24th March 2009. The main points are that the dating of the tomb still seems to fit with the reign of Amenophis III, no indication of a burial has ever been found, the widely publicized embalming bed has been widely publicized and has gone to the Mummification Museum in Luxor where it is now on displa,y and that some very interesting text has been found on one of the coffins:

As mentioned in the last update, Coffin A’s fragments proved to be quite interesting. Though very fragmentary and fragile because of termite damage, some key texts could be recovered from under the resin coating….the title “Royal Nurse” ( mn’t nsw ) and the name ‘Iny’. The longest translatable connected text was on the top cross band, left side: ‘Revered, (may) I see Re in the sky and drink water from the pool [ … ].’ Conspicuous by its absence, the deceased is never identified as ‘Osiris’ and the usual deities are not cited. The one example (quoted above) where we have the usual “revered” there is no qualification such as ‘revered by Anubis’ etc. This lack of the traditional deities strongly suggests that this coffin was probably fashioned during the reign of Akhenaton when many of the traditional deities were abandoned.

The rather high station held by the Royal Nurse Iny is reflected by some of the details of the coffin’s decoration. Some signs are inlaid, but most of the inlays are now gone. Some glass is used on the face mask and some border columns (a few still in situ ) have thin (1 mm) blue glass rod inlays. Finally, some surviving gold leaf further attests to the once opulent condition of this coffin.

See the above post for the full story. The season is expected to resume in 2010.

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