Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The mastaba of Watetkhethor online


Thanks to Jon J. Hirst and Thierry Benderitter for the great news that the mastaba of Watekhethor is now included on OsirisNet with the usual excellent photographs, site plans, illustrations and explanatory text. It is always a pleasure to see this excellent resource grow:

We are especially happy and proud to announce to you that the mastaba of Watetkhethor, which is part of the fascinating complex of Mereruka, is now online.

With this third section, the mastaba is now covered entirely, since it specifically adds to the pages dedicated to Mereruka, as well as to those concerning their son (and for a time, heir to the throne), Meryteti.

The original pages were created by Jon Hirst. Photographs provided by: Christian Mariais, A.Davies, Verety Endal, Jon Hirst and the ACE Publication. Line drawings created, or adapted from the ACE Publication, by Jon Hirst with the kind permission of Prof. Kanawati.

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