Monday, June 15, 2009

Exhibition: World of the Pharaohs

Arkansas Arts Centre

Thanks to William Peck for letting me know that the Arkansas Arts Centre website has been updated with details of the upcoming exhibition.

September 25 , 2009 – July 5, 2010

Ancient Egypt and its art continues to inspire the world, just as it has fascinated travelers from all over the globe for millennia. World of the Pharaohs: Treasures of Egypt Revealed explores the long-vanished world of ancient Egypt. On view at the Arkansas Arts Center from September 25, 2009 through July 5, 2010, the exhibition features more than 200 magnificent objects including mummies, a majestic colossus of Ramses the Great, jewelry, statues, intricate art and funerary artifacts. The objects, which span 3,000 years of dynastic history, tell the story of not just how the Egyptians died, but how they lived! A visit to World of the Pharaohs: The Treasures of Egypt Revealed is a rare opportunity to explore the mystery of one of the world’s greatest civilizations.

There is also a dedicated section devoted to the exhibition where tickets can be purchased and objects from the exhibition viewed at:

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