Friday, June 26, 2009

Travel: "Intermediate Map" of Egypt for drivers


Thanks to Ben Morales-Correa for posting the above news item on this Egypt Then and Now blog.

NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of digital map, traffic and location data for in-vehicle, portable, wireless and enterprise solutions, has announced release of its first map for Egypt. With this Intermediate Map of Egypt, drivers will have access to approximately 50,000 km of roads and more than 42,000 POIs referenced to the map to enhance the functionality of navigation systems.

Egypt has a very complex road network, strong tourism industry and is one of the region’s most populous nations, with an estimated population of 78.3 million inhabitants. The Intermediate Map of Egypt has been designed to meet the evolving needs of the growing user base.

Intermediate Maps are a separate class of map data provided by NAVTEQ to support customers who are interested in introducing LBS and navigation applications in emerging markets.

“With the recent announcement that the Egyptian government has lifted its ban on GPS mobile phones and navigation systems, we expect to see rapid growth in demand for navigation and LBS solutions” stated Frank Pauli, Vice President EMEA Map and Content Products, NAVTEQ. “The availability of an Intermediate Map for Egypt will deliver a significant competitive advantage to NAVTEQ customers as it allows easy and fast integration with a variety of applications and solutions.”

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