Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Left Coast Summer Hardback Sale

Left Coast Press

Most of these are not relevant to Egyptology but some of them look at archaeological methodologies and ideas as a whole, which might be of interest to some of you. I've left the entire list as it was sent to me in case some of you have archaeological interests outside Egyptology.

This is one of those publisher problems that can be good for people like you. Because of the way our printers work, we must print a minimum quantity of books with library binding. Unfortunately, library purchases are rapidly shrinking below that minimum. So we end up with extra library copies sitting in our warehouse. What if we were to offer these to you at a 75% discount, making them even less expensive than if you were buying the paperback? The books don’t have a pretty cover, but the contents are identical and the library binding will survive a lot more office moves and coffee spills than the paperback.

If you’re interested, here are the rules:

-Offer available on WEB, FAX or PHONE ORDERS:
Phone 800 426-3797
Fax 520 621-8899

-Offer only available on orders placed through our US distributor, U Arizona Press, not our international distributors.
-You MUST put in the discount code L039 at checkout to receive the discount.
-Sale lasts until August 15, 2009.
-Limited quantities of these titles. Hardcover editions only.
-Contact us with any questions,
Mitch Allen, Publisher


Archaeology and Women: Ancient and Modern Issues (Hamilton, Whitehouse, Wright) 978-1-59874-223-7 hbk
Regular $79.00, Now $19.75

Archaeology Is a Brand! The Meaning of Archaeology in Contemporary Popular Culture (Holtorf) 978-1-59874-178-0 hbk
Regular $89.00, Now $22.25

Archaeology Matters: Action Archaeology in the Modern World (Sabloff) 978-1-59874-088-2 hbk
Regular $79.00, Now $19.75

Archaeology of Religion: Cultures and their Beliefs in Worldwide Context (Steadman) 978-1-59874-153-7 hbk
Regular $89.00, Now $22.25

Body and Image: Explorations in Landscape Phenomenology 2 (Tilley)
978-1-59874-313-5 hbk
Regular $89.00, Now $22.25

Envisioning Landscape: Situations and Standpoints in Archaeology and Heritage (Hicks, McAtackney, Fairclough) 978-1-59874-281-7 hbk
Regular $79.00, Now $19.75

Heads of State: Icons, Power, and Politics in the Ancient and Modern Andes (Arnold, Hastorf) 978-1-59874-170-4 hbk
Regular $89.00, Now $22.25

Protecting Catalhoyuk: Memoir of an Archaeological Site Guard (Dural, Hodder) 978-1-59874-049-3 hbk Regular $79.00, Now $19.75

Rethinking Agriculture: Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives (Denham, Iriarte, Vrydaghs) 978-1-598-74260-2 hbk
Regular $99.00, Now $24.75

Return to Alexandria: An Ethnography of Cultural Heritage Revivalism and Museum Memory (Butler) 978-1-59874-190-2 hbk Regular $89.00, Now $22.25

Stone Worlds: Narrative and Reflexivity in Landscape Archaeology (Bender, Hamilton, Tilley) 978-1-59874-218-3 hbk
Regular $99.00, Now $24.75

Writing Archaeology:Telling Stories About the Past (Fagan) 978-1-59874-004-2
Regular $89.00, Now $22.25

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