Wednesday, August 05, 2009

All change in Luxor

Al Ahram Weekly

A rather sad letter to the newspaper Al Ahram Weekly, by Luxor resident Gordon Davies.

Five years ago, a tall wall started to be built throughout Luxor, stretching as far as Karnak. Little by little parks disappeared and two years ago a whole side of a street adjacent to the train station was demolished, taking away the livelihood of people who had in all probability been in business for many years. I have witnessed the knocking down of every building on Al-Montazah Street, one hospital, and one hotel, and heard several rumours of additional attraction pieces, including bazaars, going down.

The destruction in Luxor is still going on despite the fact that in many parts of the world there is a recession going on and also the construction industry is virtually dead but in Luxor it should be termed the destruction industry. There are still buildings being demolished along the Corniche. I am resigned to the fact that the ancient city of Luxor which I loved has now become the modern city of Luxor which I do not like. The whole thing is criminal and very illogical.

On a more positive note I found the new ferry boats in Luxor wonderful and really add character to the area so full marks to whoever instigated the transformation of the ferry service.

However, I am not impressed with the complete destruction of the ancient city of Luxor. It is all very sad because the mystery and the charm of the city are being eroded.

Gordon Davies

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