Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Archaeologists from Kraków have returned to Marea in Egypt

Serwis Nauka w Polsce

Museum have started excavations of an ancient town, that's prime time was in the VI - VII century AD, positioned near Alexandria. This is the tenth archaeological season of Polish archaeologists at this site. The excavations will be continued in the main nave of the basilica and also in the area close to the temple's main, western, gate. During last year's excavation the archaeologists discovered a very interesting trading room (shops) and a representative hall with a floor decorated in the Opus Sectile technique. Archaeologists will also excavate the basilica's southern transept.

"We have to remember, that although the basilica in Marea is decorated in a very rich manor, it hasn't been mentioned in any ancient sources. We are still looking for clues that could show us who built it, and who was the church's religious patron" - said Prof. Szymańska and Dr. Babraj.

The experts from Kraków will also create a catalogue and document on picture the four piers in the port. The longest piers is 120 m. long.

The scientists say that last year they only focused on the church, but it is only one of many buildings in the port town.

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