Saturday, August 01, 2009

Conference: Pre-Modern Climate Change

University of Copenhagen

Pre-Modern Climate Change. Causes and Human Responses
21st - 23rd October 2009

Climate, and human responses to it, plays an integral part in the formation of society. Thus when climate change occurs, the result of either natural or human causes, societies should react and adapt – but do they? If so, what is the nature of that change, and are the responses positive or negative for the long term survival of society and its peoples?

Archaeology, steeped in interdisciplinary studies and dealing with a longue durée view of society, offers detailed and verifiable insights into climate changes in the past: causes, responses and consequences.

This conference, held under the umbrella of the University of Copenhagen’s Climate and Sustainability initiative, is held in memory of Stine Rossel, archaeozoologist and member of the Department of Cross Cultural & Regional Studies, who had a keen research interest in climate and past societies.

See the above page for details, including abstracts.

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