Saturday, August 01, 2009

Upcoming exhibition: World of the Pharaohs, U.S.

Arkansas Arts Centre

September 25th 2009 - July 5th 2010

World of the Pharaohs: Treasures of Egypt Revealed presents art and objects that dramatically exemplify the rich and diverse characteristics of one of the world’s great civilizations. The exhibition is particularly strong in excavated material from the Pyramid Age, the Old Kingdom (2675-2130 B.C.), widely regarded as Egypt's finest hour. Egyptian artifacts from this period include a royal decree carved in limestone (Decree of Neferirkare), the false door of Inty, a Priestess of Inty and a relief scene from the tomb of Qar and Idu. Funerary objects are also well-represented including a Ptolemaic sarcophagus lid, a selection of stelae and several shabtys of officials. A visit to the exhibition is a rare opportunity to examine the people, language, art, land and mystery of ancient Egypt. Buy tickets to the exhibition World of the Pharaohs.

See the above page for images and more information.

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