Monday, October 26, 2009


Lost Kingdoms of the Nile
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
A review of the exhibition of Nubian archaeology with photographs and an audio slideshow.

Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs. Travels to Toronto and Denver
Art Museum Journal

Short but informative summary of the traveling exhibition, with some lovely photos.

Treasures: The World's Cultures from the British Museum
Art Museum Journal
Treasures... begins in mankind's remotest past with Early Stone Age handaxes (1.6-1.4 Million B.C.) from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Discovered by Kenyan archaeologist Louis Leakey (1903-1972), the creation of these lava block implements with a stone hammer distinguished humanity from the rest of the Animal Kingdom.
Egyptian civilization is introduced by a scale replica of the Rosetta Stone (196 B.C.), excavated in 1799 by Napoleon's troops. The granodiorite monument's combination of hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek scripts aided in the 1822 decipherment of ancient Egypt's language by French philologist Jean-Fran├žois Champollion (1790-1832).
Artifacts describe Egyptian history, culture and funerary practices.

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