Friday, October 30, 2009


The Secrets of Tomb 10A
The Harvard Crimson
Madeleine M Schwartz

This has been reviewed elsewhere but this provides a good description of some of the contents and, as with other reviews I have read, finds little fault with the exhibition. The author concludes:

The focus on archaeological process over product, and artifact over art, distinguishes “The Secrets of Tomb 10a” from many Egyptian exhibitions, where typically a hodgepodge of statues and jewelry leave the viewer awestruck, but distanced from the culture itself. Nothing from Tomb 10a is monumental; no one artwork stands out as particularly impressive. Tomb robbers, a panel informs early on, got to the grave before the archaeologists did, seizing everything perceived to have value: jewelry, ornaments, and large statues. But an inspection of what remains brings the viewer closer to the past and those who unearthed it.

There are further details of the exhibition in a dedicated section on the Museum of Fine Art's website, plus a two-page family guide to the exhibtion in PDF format.

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