Monday, November 23, 2009

Exhibition: AGO banks on King Tut to boost attendance Toronto

The AGO is banking on this exhibit to boost attendance which has been dwindling since it reopened last November after a year-long shut down due to a $276 million renovation.

Despite that renovation receiving critical acclaim and being designed by celebrity architect Frank Gehry, the gallery has seen only 700,000 people in the year since it opened, versus the usual one million annual visitors it used to get before the construction.

The gallery has struggled financially lately as well, and announced in March that it planned to lay off 100 employees, blaming the economy.

"What I can really hope is... that people will come, they'll be intrigued, they'll see out of the corner of their eye something else that grabs their attention and think to themselves 'I will come back,'" Matthew Teitelbaum, AGO director and CEO told CTV Toronto.

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