Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feature: Sandro Vannini's photos of Seti I tomb

Heritage Key:
First Pillared Room
Ceiling of the Burial Chamber

With photos shown in relation to the plan of the tomb. Each link is accompanied by a different summary.

One of the best preserved and most decorated tombs in the Valley of the Kings is that of Seti I, adorned with hieroglyphics and colourful paintings on every passageway and chamber wall. In this first post on the Seti I tomb, we look at stunning photography by Sandro Vannini taken in the First Pillared Hall section of the tomb.

Years of archaeological excavations have damaged the tomb and as a result, it has now been closed to the public. That means the only way to enjoy the beauty of Tomb KV17 is through photography, and who better to send down there than world-class photographer Sandro Vannini! An expert in photography of some of Egypt's most valuable treasures, such as the Golden Mask of Tutankhamun, Sandro has mastered the art of capturing ancient artefacts at their best.

Heritage Key is working with Sandro to bring his photography online for you to enjoy, and be able to see the artefacts from the comfort of your own chair. You can also find out the latest news from the excavations of Seti I's tomb in a video with Dr. Zahi Hawass at the bottom of the page.

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