Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog Updates until early/mid January

I'm off to my mountain retreat tomorrow with my father. This now has a landline phone but no broadband so I will be picking up emails but having very little time on the web. I have changed my Blogger settings so that I can email stories in to the blog instead of updating via the web. I've tested it and it appears to be working This will mean that the posts will not have their usual formatting.

I will schedule the "photo for today" to go automatically. There has been so very little news to report recently that there may be days with photos and no accompanying posts!

I'll be adding news items as and when they arrive today, rather than doing them in the usual block, so that I can be sure that the email solution works.

All the best


Kate said...

Posting by email is reliable but I've found no way to get links or formatting.


Andie said...

I'm using Outlook 2003, with HTML formatting switched on.

I drop everything into Notepad first to get a consistent unformatted version and then paste it into the email.

My first attempt was wobbly. The link worked, the itallics worked, and the indent functioned, but the line spacing needed correcting.

I'll keep playing with it throughout today. There may be some ghastly formatting disasters!