Friday, December 25, 2009

Feature: Opening a sacrophagus at Saqqara

Heritage Key (Malcolm Jack)

With video. It wouldn't load for me, but it is probably the same video as that on the website (see next post).

Nothing keeps Dr Zahi Hawass awake at night quite like the prospect of being the first person to lay eyes on a millennia-dead Egyptian mummy. “I could not sleep with thinking about it all the time,” he reveals at the start of Heritage Key’s latest fantastic video by Nico Piazza, documenting the opening of an intact tomb at Saqqara. “Thinking about the moment that I will come down,” he continues, “about 11 metres, and begin to open a sealed sarcophagus that no one ever touched since 2,600 years ago.”

The camera pans across creepy piles of heavily decayed human bones lying in corners – the latest intact tomb located at the massive necropolis of Egypt’s ancient capital Memphis, located 40 kilometres south of Cairo, is evidently one rich in human remains. The unidentified body found lying inside a giant limestone sarcophagus is the prize of them all.

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