Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Online Resource: INORA

International Newsletter on Rock Art

For anyone interested in rock art, Egyptian or otherwise, it may be worth checking out the above INORA page. The newsletter is available to download free of charge in PDF format. The most recent issue showing on the page (2008) has an article by Dirk Huyge on Quta in Egypyt, two on Moroccan rock art and various covering topics in Europe.

The 2009 newsletter/s is/are not yet on the site but the Masaryk University website says that an article about the Cave of Swimmers (Gilf Kebir, Egypt) rock art by Jiří Svoboda should appear in that issue. Here's the citation: SVOBODA, Jiří. Observing anthropomorphs in the Swimmers´ Cave, Gilf el-Kebir, Egypt. International Newsletter on Rock Art 54, Francie, Comité International dArt Rupestre (CAR, France. ISSN 1022-3282, 2009, vol. 2009, no. 54, pp. 23-25. And here's the abstract:

Several rockshelters and smaller caves in the southern Gilf el-Kebir area provided Neolithic paintings, but there is a variability of topics and meanings between the individual sites. This paper examines the so-called “swimmers”, and compares their form with ethnological analogies: the acrobatic dances of actual Africa.

Keep an eye on the above page if you're interested.

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