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Magazine: Ancient Egypt Feb/March 2010

Ancient Egypt Magazine

The February/March 2010 issue of “Ancient Egypt” magazine (published in the U.K.) is now published.

“Ancient Egypt” is also available as an electronic version which can be found at the web site This may be useful for anyone with a broadband connection who may have difficulty in getting hold of a paper copy of the magazine, or who might want to see a copy before subscribing.

Contents of this issue include;

News from Egypt and the World of Egyptology: Another bumper report ‘From our Egypt Correspondent’ brings the latest news and information – you won’t find this anywhere else! This issue includes reports on new work in and around Luxor, including the opening of Howard Carter’s house and new discoveries in and around Karnak and Luxor temples, from Islamic Cairo and on a new exhibition in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. There is also a report from the Director of the Oriental Institute in Luxor and the work being done there.

The history of the Rosetta Stone

The Missing Link: Mile Neilson from the British Museum, reveals how a statue fragment, discovered at Saqqara has solved the problem of identification of one of the earliest and best-known statues to enter the museum’s collection in the nineteenth Century.

The Cult of the Apis Bull: The worship of the Apis Bull was one of the longest lasting of all the cults in the ancient Egyptian Pantheon, as Maxwell Stocker explains.

Investigating Early Mummification
: Dr. Vicky Gashe describes her work looking at the origins of mummification in Egypt, revealing all is not as straightforward as is sometimes thought.

The ‘Belly of Stones’
: ancient Egypt’s Southern Frontier: Betty Winkelman describes some of the great Middle Kingdom fortresses in Nubia, some of the most amazing military structures in the world, now lost beneath the waters of Lake Nasser.

Into Egypt’s Eastern Desert: In the second of two articles, Colin Reader takes readers on a trip into the eastern desert looking at the geology and the ancient remains to be found there.

Featured Pharaoh: Senusret III.

Architectural Gems: “Pharaoh’s Bed” at Philae.

: in our regular feature for younger readers, Hilary Wilson looks at ancient Egyptian Flowers.

Net Fishing: our regular look at Egyptology on the Web, tracing the history of ancient Egypt. This issue Victor Blunden looks at the reigns of Pinudjem and Psusennes.

New Books featured in the December issue
Swifter than the Arrow: The Golden Hunting Hounds of ancient Egypt, by Michael Rice.
Thutmose III: the Military Biography of Egypt’s greatest Warrior King, by Richard A. Gabriel.
The Ancient Egyptian “Tale of Two Brothers”, by Susan Tower Hollis.
Egyptian Art, by Regine Schultz and Matthias Seidel.
Rock Art of the Eastern Desert of Egypt: Content, Comparisons, Dating and Significance,, by Tony Judd.
The Pyramids, by Miroslav Verner.
Abusir XIII: Tomb Complex of the Vizier Qar, his sons Qar Junior and Senedjemib and Iykal, Edited by Miroslav Barta.
Soldiers, Sailors and Sandlemakers: A Social Reading of Ramesside Period Votive Stelae, by Karen Exell.
Refugees for Eternity: The Royal Mummies of Thebes, Part Four, Identifying the Royal Mummies, by Dylan Bickerstaffe.

(Previous book reviews can all be seen on the magazine’s web site,

Plus full Egyptology Society listings and UK lectures from February to April 2010 and listings of exhibitions and Egyptological events and now including listings of Egyptological Societies around the world.

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