Monday, January 25, 2010

Online Resources: Alphabetical list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies

Ancient World Online / AWOL (Chuck Jones)

Thanks so much to Chuck Jones, as usual, for all his hard work assembling this valuable resource of 576 links on the above page. Here's what he says.

I first assembled here an alphabetical list of all open access journals in Ancient Studies (with some hot pursuit forays into related disciplines) cited here in AWOL since its beginning in January 2009 in observance of Open Access Week (October 19-23, 2009). At that time the list included more than two hundred titles - a surprisingly large number I thought at the time. In a effort to make the List canonical and comprehensive, I began adding additional journals in groups of twenty. All of these have been accessible via Abzu for varying lengths of time. This process offered me the opportunity to verify all the links and repair the broken ones.

I trust that users of the list will offer suggestions for correction of errors and addition of new titles in the comment field available at the bottom of the posting.

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