Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Scanning and Digging at Yetwal

EES Delta Survey

This will probably be our last visit to Shirbin as we return on Friday to Cairo from where we hope to be able to return home, though at present we are booked on a British Airways flight on one of the days they are going on strike! We’re waiting for further information from BA as to whether or not our flight will be operating before we look for alternatives. In the meantime, we will just carry on working!

Artur left us today to rejoin the Polish mission at Tell Mura, after several very successful days of magnetic scanning.

The magnetic map of Yetwal is not as clear as that of Balamun as the surface is covered by small fragments of red brick and sherds so it is more difficult to see any underlying features but there are some buildings visible and this year we have SCA permission to carry out limited excavation to try and date the structures. So far they would seem, from associated red brickwork, plaster floor remains and a few diagnostic sherds to be of the Roman Period .

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