Friday, March 26, 2010

Why some treasures should be in the British Museum

Heritage Key (Sean Williams)

Sean Williams argues that given the involvement of Lord Carnarvon, Howard Carter and other British team members some of Tutankhamun's tomb discoveries ought to have found their way into the British Museum on long term loan.

When I'm strolling through the British Museum's Egyptian Sculpture Gallery taking in its ancient statues, stelae and scriptures, it's hard not to think something's missing. For among its rows of exotic artefacts, nothing on display relates to Egypt's most famous king in modern times, Tutankhamun. And I think Britain deserves to have kept hold of at least some of the ancient world's greatest pieces.

If you're interested in this topic keep an eye on the above page because the suggestion is almost bound to result in a discussion of the pros and cons.


Alice said...

From what I've read, some of them did. And in many other museums. Just not able to advertise them as such.

Anonymous said...

I found Dr Hawass most wanted very interesting, but for me missing one of the greatest treasures of Ancient Egypt, which I try to visit as much as the BM itself, which each year I find so sad to see in such a poor environment, and for once I would rather it was displayed properly in Egypt than badly in London. Namely the Sarcophagus of Seti I