Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exhibition: Eight antiquities to visit Shanghai

CRI English

Eight priceless pieces of ancient Egyptian antiquities will be on display in Shanghai World Expo which will run from May 1 to Oct. 31, said Lotfy Abdel el-Hamied, head of the Foreign Exhibitions Committee in the Egyptian Museum.

"The eight artifacts will be displayed in Shanghai Expo for six months," Abdel el-Hamied told Xinhua on Monday.

He also asserted that the artifacts date back to different ancient pharaonic dynasties, adding that the oldest piece is the Gold Broad Collar of Ahhoptep with Hawak End-Pieces made in dynasty 18 (1550-1525 B.C.).

"Ancient Egyptians thought that this Gold Broad Collar was protecting the mummies and helping them come back to life," Abdel el-Hamied said.

Moreover, he said that the most charming one is the Gold Mask of Sheshonq which dates back to the 22nd dynasty (890 B.C.) and was found in 1939 in Tanis Royal Tombs in Delta, northern Cairo.

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