Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Foundation deposits found in the Valley of the Kings

USA Today

Thanks to Kat for highlighting that in the middle of this article about Hawass complaining that he still wants the repatriation of certain artefacts at the opening of the NY Tutankhamun exhibition there is a line about a possible new discovery in the Valley of the Kings. I don't think that I've seen mention of this elsewhere but apologies if it is old news:

Hawass also announced that a set of four foundation deposits — similar to time capsules — and a limestone fragment with a text indicating a tomb was hidden nearby were recently discovered in the Valley of the Kings.

He said this discovery gave him hope he would soon find the tombs of Ankhesamun, Tut's wife, and that of Nefertiti, his stepmother.


Anonymous said...

I now do not believe a word Hawass says with his hints re new tombs or clues to undiscovered tombs its just all hype. We have been hearing all this kind of thing for years now from him. He is just trying to keep interest from waning. The trouble is he is such an hypnotic dynamic personality and speaker most people want it to be true that he is on the cusp of a great discovery, ie Nefertiti.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Hi Andie

The foundation deposits are in the Western Valley of the Kings. Hawass has mentioned them before but it's easy to miss because he refers to the location as the Valley of the Monkeys rather than the Western Valley of the Kings.

I think he suggested it was near WV23 which is why he thinks a late 18th Dynasty tomb is indicated.