Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exhibition: Mummies of the World

The Independent

The Egyptian funeral rite of mummification dating back to 2,400 BC in ancient Egypt has always triggered interest in the public worldwide, fueled by people's fascination for death and ancient Egypt. However, a new exhibition of more than 40 mummies, Mummies of the World, opening this summer in Los Angeles and traveling for three years in the USA, shows that this rite is not limited to Egypt nor to pharaohs.

As New Yorkers can still visit Tutankhamun's Funeral exhibition in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art until September 6 with artifacts that trace the life, death and mummification of Tutankhamun, organizer American Exhibition is putting together what they call "the largest exhibition of mummies ever assembled," to open on July 1, in Los Angeles California Science Center.

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