Monday, July 26, 2010

Exhibit: Coffin of noblewoman on display in Kansas City

Journal Star (L. Kent Wolgamott)

With photo.

Want to see some artifacts from ancient Egypt but not planning to head to Denver to catch the King Tut show? Then drive south to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and take a look at its newly refurbished Ancient Art Galleries.

In what previously was a cloakroom, the Heartland's encyclopedic art museum has created a dark marble space to display its newly acquired 2,300-year-old coffin of an Egyptian noblewoman named Meretites.

Actually, there are two coffins: the outer box with a curved top and some slight breakage and the inner coffin, topped with a painted depiction of the woman, albeit an image with blue hair and a golden face. Ancient Egyptians believed that skin was made of gold in the afterlife and that was where Meretites was headed.

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Anonymous said...

A very nice exhibit. It's been some 40 years since I've last visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum, and was well pleased with what I saw. The Egyptian exhibit is small, but very well done. By the way, photographs are allowed, but without flash or tripod.