Saturday, July 31, 2010

Institutional Support To SCA. Saqqara and Faiyum

An old paper, dating back to 2002, but I thought that it might be of interest to some readers. PDF file (77 pages).

Institutional Support To SCA for Environnmental Monitoring and Management of Cultural Heritage Sites: Applications to Fayoum Oasis and North Saqqara Necropolis

The project, titled: "Enhancement of the organisation and capabilities to preserve Cultural Heritage Assets of Egypt", started on July 2000 with the purpose of:

a) Creating an integrated system to support the Egyptian public administration in its efforts to prevent environmental risks and to develop, with a socio-economic approach, the cultural resources of the country.

b) Developing an information model to support analysis and all proposals aimed at reducing the environmental negative impact on the state of preservation the Egyptian archaeological sites.
After the collection and analyses of all available data, the information model (referred to at point b) was developed and tested at the North Saqqara site (chosen by the SCA) leading to the drawing up of “North Saqqara site Risk Map". The project will end on February 2003.

The project has been so successful that the Egyptian Government has requested to carry on with it, by establishing a technical office entrusted with the management of the archaeological sites exposed to environmental stress. Management of these sites implies interventions and projects, aimed at limiting environmental decay and promoting the development of these areas in their socio-economic context.

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