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Lecture notes: Popular Worship at Luxor Temple and the Rekhyt Rebus

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Thanks to Jane for sharing her notes from the Mummification Museum lecture in Luxor. See the above link for the rest of her post.

Mummification Museum
Popular Worship at Luxor Temple and the Rekhyt Rebus
By Ken Griffin

This lecture was different to our normal ones as Ken presented a new theory. I have read his published paper on this so if you want to know more I do suggest you read this. You can also search Google using “Rekhyt rebus” as keywords. His argument was convincing and well presented. This link is a picture of the rebus which will help understanding the lecture. The lecture was divided into three parts; who were the Rekhyt, the Rekhyt rebus and the people’s gate.

Who were the Rekhyt?
In 1868 Brugush was the first to define the word as people and many others have come after using definitions like volk, plebeians, mankind, and common folk, lowest level of people. There is also another word, ‘Pat’ people which means nobility. Others have had more controversial ideas but these are not widely accepted, Nibbi thought they are Libyans and Hodge Indo-Europeans They are symbolised by the lapwing bird with its wings pinned back and human arms raised worshiping. Birds are still seen in this position in markets in Egypt today.

The Rekhyt Rebus
The rebus itself consists of a bird – the people, a basket – all, and star – worship.

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