Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Volunteers required to feed back re 3D exhibtion at the Petrie

Dr Margaret Serpico, the Petrie Museum Curator of 3D exhibitions has asked for help :

As some of you may know (reported in the last Magazine), the Petrie Museum has formed a partnership with multimedia company IET and the museum now has its own 3D laser scanner. We are very excited to have just installed in the museum our first mini-exhibition using real objects and 3D 'virtual' images of some them. It is called 'Crossing Over' and looks at the identity and appearance given to the wrapped mummified body.

We know how much the Friends love and value this collection, so we would especially like your thoughts and comments on the 3D images and how we might take this forward. We would be most grateful to any of you who could spare a few minutes to come explore the images and fill out a brief one-page questionnaire. We are hoping to continue to install new exhibitions like this one, and also to create major exhibitions and resources using both objects and 3D images. Your opinion will very much help us plan the future and we hope you enjoy this new way of exploring the objects!

If any of you would like more information on the 3D scanning project, please contact Margaret :

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