Friday, August 20, 2010

Graduates from the Qarun Lake Field School (Zahi Hawass)

It is always very good to hear of Egyptian students learning how to do archaeology in the field.

Pictured here are the latest group of archaeologists under employment in the SCA! They were trained at the prehistoric site of Qarun Lake, under the direction of Khaled Saad. This dig site is perhaps one of the best field schools in Egypt. The SCA fully funded this project so that they had living quarters, a kitchen, excavation tools, a photography studio, GIS labs and any other resources they needed for their excavation work. This group of archaeologists are just a few of over 1,500 that have been trained while I have been Secretary General of the SCA. I am extremely proud of their accomplishments and I am confident that they will continue to further the study of Egypt's cultural heritage well after I have retired. Congratulations, graduates!

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