Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jo's back! Minufiyeh starts again

EES Minufiyeh Survey

We are now fully settled into our first summer season of excavation up at Quesna. The first week was largely occupied with arranging accommodation, changing apartments and topping up on supplies and the work really started one week ago when we were joined once more by the local workforce from the villages around Quesna. We are living in Shibin el-Kom again, in the same area as in the spring season, and it has been good to meet some of our old friends again and we have already received a number of invitations for breaking the fast during Ramadan. We have excellent transport this season with a 4WD that allows us to fit in about 7 people and a number of large bags, a coolman (cool box) and the total station (and then a capacious roof rack!). It is a very solid vehicle and is very good on the sand as we approach the site every morning.

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