Saturday, August 28, 2010

Osirisnet updated with TT38, Tomb of Djeserkaseneb,


Those lovely guys at Osirisnet have been working late into the night again to produce five pages of description, photographs, diagrams, maps and translations of the tomb's hieroglyphs. This website is quite simply one of the best Egyptology resources on the Web.

Dear friends,
We are happy to be able to present you the tomb TT38 of Djeserkaseneb, who occupied the functions of accountant of the grain of Amon, and steward of the Second Prophet of Amon. Although incomplete, the decoration is of quality, which was usual during this period, which covers the end of the reign of Thutmosis IV and the beginning of that of Amenhotep III. The monument underwent some deteriorations by the zealots of Akhenaten, who erased the name of Amon (and other elements appropriate to the loathed god).

Tombs of Egypt

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