Friday, September 10, 2010

Factum Arte's work in the tomb of Tutankhamun

Factum Arte

With photos.

Thanks to Jane Akshar and her blog for the above link.

The High resolution recording and production of an exact facsimile of the Tomb of Tutankhamun is part of A major initiative by the Supreme Council of Antiquities to preserve the tombs in the Valley of the Kings while making important tombs that are either closed or in need of closure accessible to the public and to scholars.

The project has been launched by Dr Zahi Hawass in collaboration with the University of Basel, The Friends of the Royal tombs of Egypt, the Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation and Factum Arte.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities has granted permission for the recording and facsimile production of the tombs of Seti i (closed to the public since the late 1980’s), Nefertari (closed to the general public but still visited by special appointment) and Tutankhamun.

All the recording of the tomb of Tutankhamun has now been completed. Work on the processing of the data is now underway and work on the facsimile of the burial chamber and sarcophagus of Tutankhamun will be completed in time for the opening of the Susanne Mubarak Children’s Museum in January 2010.

Dr Zahi Hawass has identified a site near Carter House at the entrance to the Valley of the Kings to install the facsimiles and a full feasibility study has been commissioned.

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