Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lecture notes: Festivals of Drunkenness in the New Kingdom

The Retriever Weekly (Vanessa Rueda)

As part of Ancient Studies Week (and the Humanities Forum Lecture Series), Dr. Betsy Bryan gave a lecture entitled Festivals of Drunkenness in New Kingdom Egypt. Visiting from Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday, October 13, 2010, Dr. Bryan gave an interesting lecture on Egypt. Despite the fact that Dr. Bryan's talk sounded more like the typical lecture, it kept all the Ancient Studies majors enthralled for an hour.

Retelling myths matter-of-factly, Dr. Bryan presented her knowledge and findings of a restoration and excavation she and her team had done. With impressive credentials, the speaker demonstrated her fascination with all things Egypt. As her presenter established, Dr. Bryan has been the curator for a number of exhibits, including her most recent work in Johns Hopkins University as the curator for the Egyptian Art Collection. . . .

Heavy on the Egyptian mythology, the speaker told her stories straightforward, and as easily as if they were everyday occurrences. Although a bit complex to follow, the mythology proved to be just as important as the presentation of the results of the excavations and restorations. Bryan explained the origin of the Festivals of Drunkenness (or A Great Excuse to Get Wasted as I call it) as easily as she if she was telling a ten-year-old the story of "Little Red Riding Hood."

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