Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mummy's hand to be auctioned

BBC News

With photos (somewhat grizzly!)

Staff at a Newcastle auction house have been a little nervous of late, refusing to do anything that means being in the building on their own.

The reason is a 2000-year-old mummified hand which they'll be auctioning in December.

It comes in its own glass-covered, mahogany box but is far from the prettiest thing the company have sold.

It's claimed it's the hand of Queen Cleopatra - though the auctioneers can't yet guarantee which one.

Andrew McCoull, from Anderson and Garland, says: "The hand itself is what can only be described as a yellowy, leathery colour.

"It's a lady's hand, a left hand, with manicured fingernails which are still there and evidence of what was possibly a ring on one of her fingers - there's a sort of a dark patch - but, all in all, it's a pretty gruesome looking object."

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Stuart Tyler said...

The cynics amongst us would suggest that the name of "Cleopatra" is more of a selling point, rather than fact.

It would be interesting what the Cairo Museum and Dr Hawass will have to say about its origins.