Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Save Giza before 2012

Al Ahram Weekly (Zahi Hawass)

I thought that the days of the "pyramidiots" were over and that they had finally left us to carry out some serious archaeology in peace. Over the last decade, many people have contacted me thinking they have located lost civilisations and imagining rooms under the Sphinx at Giza giving evidence that would solve these mysteries, but I have worked hard to demonstrate to them that these ideas are not true and to put a stop to this nonsense. In debates with them, I would show them the real evidence of how the Pyramids were constructed and that the Sphinx belonged to the ancient Egyptians, not to Atlanteans or aliens. I have excavated at Giza for a long, long time, and I have discovered a wealth of information about the workmen, nobles and officials who built the marvels at this site and who maintained the religious cults there.

Two years ago, however, I began to hear about those people who believe that in year 2012 evidence will be discovered at Giza and Al-Lahoun that will save the world! I found out that an expedition was working at Al-Lahoun that was funded by those who believe in this hallucination. The expedition leaders collected money from those they had convinced to follow them and began to spend huge amounts of it without keeping records of their expenditure. Even worse was the discovery that they were conducting their work without using any scientific methodology. I had to stop this work! In addition to this, there is no archaeological evidence for the so-called "labyrinth" of Amenemhet III's 20th-Dynasty pyramid that they were trying to find at Al-Lahoun.

Now another team has appeared to deceive the world with a new crackpot theory.

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Anonymous said...

When did Amenemhet move to the late New Kingdom from the 12th Dynasty and I'm sure that Petrie saw the labyrinth, indeed I think I saw it. It is not as it was later described by Classical scholars, but it is there. So who is the idiot?