Monday, November 29, 2010

Change in London visa collection procedures

Just a quick note to let anyone who is planning to drop off your passport for a visa for Egypt, the system has changed since I was last there. In the past you could drop off your passport in the Lowndes St basement office in the morning and collect it, complete with visa, in the afternoon of the same day. Now you drop it off in the morning of one day and pick it up in the afternoon two days later. So I dropped my passport off this morning and will return to collect it on Wednesday afternoon. It says all this on the Egyptian Consulate's visa pages, but I thought it worth highlighting. At the time of writing the cost is still £15.00 for a single entry visa.

On a completely off-topic note, we went down to the V&A to see the costume collection, which I love, but it has been closed for restoration work to be carried out in that section of the museum and will not be open again for at least a year.

There was also a tube strike which meant that the Piccadilly line was closed, the buses were heaving, there wasn't a black cab in sight and we ended up walking miles in the freezing cold. Ho hum.

The moral of all three stories is - check on the web before you go!

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