Monday, November 29, 2010

Did Queen Arsinoe rule as Pharaoh?

Science Daily

With photo.
A unique queen's crown with ancient symbols combined with a new method of studying status in Egyptian reliefs forms the basis for a re-interpretation of historical developments in Egypt in the period following the death of Alexander the Great. A thesis from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) argues that Queen Arsinoë II ruled ancient Egypt as a female pharaoh, predating Cleopatra by 200 years.

Researchers are largely agreed on Queen Arsinoë II's importance from the day that she was deified. She was put on a level with the ancient goddesses Isis and Hathor, and was still respected and honoured 200 years after her death when her better-known descendant Cleopatra wore the same crown. But the reasons behind Arsinoë's huge influence have been interpreted in many different ways.

Maria Nilsson has studied her historical importance by interpreting her personal crown and its ancient symbols.

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Judith Weingarten said...

Andie, I recently blogged about Queen Arsinoe II and considered the question of her rule (or not) as well. You might want to look at Uppity Queen Arsinoe II and a second post, with an update on Maria Nilsson's dissertation at Part II.