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Ancient Egypt Magazine 2010/2011


The December 2010/January 2011 issue of “Ancient Egypt” magazine (published in the U.K.) is now available.

If you are not yet a subscriber, you can do so online and the magazine is also available as an electronic version. Visit www.ancientegyptmagazine.com

The online version may be especially useful for anyone overseas with a broadband connection who may have difficulty in getting hold of a paper copy of the magazine, or who might want to see a copy before subscribing.

Contents of this issue include;

  • News from Egypt and the World of Egyptology: Our regular special report ‘From our Egypt Correspondent’ brings the latest news and information – you won’t find this anywhere else! This issue includes reports on new work/discoveries at El-Alamein, some Islamic monuments and the Islamic Museum in Cairo, and Luxor.
  • News from the Editor: with news recent events and of the restoration of two ancient Egyptian baboon statues at Cliveden in Buckinghamshire.
  • Early Explorers of Egypt’s Western Desert: Peter Stevens follows in the tracks of the first Europeans to travel in the Western Desert, a journey that is still difficult today.
  • Replicating and ancient Egyptian masterpiece: AE reveals that ancient skills have not been lost and follows the work of a modern Egyptian Craftsman in making a copy of Tutankhamun’s gold throne.
  • Wonderful Things: AE visits an exhibition of full scale replicas of objects from Tutankhamun’s tomb, “Tutankhamun, His Tomb and His Treasures”, which opened recently in Manchester.
  • The Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum: In the last of a series of articles on the work of the Department, Elisabeth R. O’Connell looks at the Late Antique objects from Egypt and how and where they were collected.
  • Replicating Tutankhamun’s Tomb: AE looks at how a Spanish company Factum Arte, is using the latest technology to create a perfect copy of Tutankhamun’s Tomb, as a way of helping to preserve the original.
  • An Egyptophile in Egypt: Laura Ranieri offers tips, tactics and practical information to the tourists visiting Egypt for the first time.
  • PerMesut: in our regular feature for younger readers, Hilary Wilson asks, “What’s in a Name?” (Part 2).
  • Net Fishing: Our regular look at Egyptology on the Web, tracing the history of ancient Egypt. This issue Victor Blunden looks at the 25th Dynasty.

New Books featured in the December issue
  • The Akhenaten Colossi of Karnak, by Lise Manniche.
  • The Nile Cruise, by Jenny Jobbins.
  • The Pharaoh’s Kitchen, by Magda Mehdawy and Amr Hussein.
  • Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt, by Joyce Tyldesley.
  • Insight Guide: The Nile.
  • City of the Ram-Man: The Story of Ancient Mendes, by Donald B. Redford.
  • For the Living and the Dead: The Funerary Laments of Upper Egypt, Ancient and Modern, by Elizabeth Wickett.
  • The Shabti Collections 1, by Glenn Janes.
  • Tutankhamun, His Tomb and His Treasures, various contributors: the guide to the exhibition in Manchester.
  • Tutankhamun’s Funeral, by Herbert E. Winlock, introduced by Dorothea Arnold.
  • Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection in Berlin: 100 Masterpieces, by Dietrich Wildung, Fabian Reiter and Olivia Zorn.
  • The Fortifications of Ancient Egypt, 3000-1780BC, by Carola Vogel.

Coming articles include:-

Auguste Mariette: Chris Humber tells the story of the Founder of the Egyptian Antiquities Service and of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
The Paleopathology of Egyptian Mummies: Dr. Michael R. Zimmernan asks “Why do we study mummies?”
Misdemeanours at Deir el Medina, Benedict Davies looks at the life and times of the occupants of the Workmen’s village.
Why Belzoni went to Egypt: Bill Key reveals the real reason Belzoni first went to Egypt.
Tutankhamun’s Khepesh Swords: by military expert Mike Loades.
Re-excavating Egyptian Predynastic sites in London : G.J Tassie and Joris van Wetering explain how some Predynastic objects came to be in London and their recent return to Egypt.
And… Egyptomania in China and also in St. Helier, Jersey.
(All previous book reviews can all be seen on the magazine’s web site, www.ancientegyptmagazine.com)

Plus full Egyptology Society listings and UK lectures from December 2010 to February 2011 and listings of exhibitions and the many Egyptological events which will be taking place in the Winter months in the UK. Overseas Egyptology Societies are also listed.

Bob Partridge
Editor Ancient Egypt

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