Friday, December 10, 2010

Egyptian objects found in Russia

Russia Info-Centre

A somewhat fragmented piece of writing, but it suggests that ancient Egyptian artefacts have been found in the Stavropol area of Russia from the time of the ancient Silk Road, and were transported there by Silk Road merchants. Stavropol is located south of the European Russia or Central Caucasus. The region is commonly known as Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody (Caucasian Mineral Waters).

Archeologists in Stavropol Territory have found evidence that the region was opened up by merchants of the ancient Silk Road.

One of latest archeological finds is a bronze mace, which served as a weapon in different tribes. Three Sarmatian burials were found in a barrow that is cleared not far from Pyatigorsk.

Besides, the specialists found ceramics, bronze items, and faience ornaments, which were unearthed from a burial place of a teenage girl. The finds are about three thousand years old.

According to archeologists, the most interesting of the artifacts are a fragment of a bronze mirror, and beads made of faience – they had been brought there from Egypt. It is another confirmation to the fact that the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters (aka Stavropol Region) was known to merchants on the Silk Road.

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