Monday, December 06, 2010

Exhibition: More on Cincinnati Cleopatra

Art Daily

The world of Cleopatra VII, which has been lost to the sea and sand for nearly 2,000 years, will surface in Cincinnati on February 18, 2011 when “Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt” opens its doors. Cincinnati Museum Center was selected as the second stop in the world for the exhibition tour. Tickets for the exhibition go on sale today. On view at Cincinnati Museum Center through September 5, 2011, the exhibition features nearly 150 artifacts from Cleopatra’s time and takes visitors inside the present-day search for the elusive queen, which extends from the sands of Egypt to the depths of the Bay of Aboukir near Alexandria.

The exhibition is organized by National Geographic and Arts and Exhibitions International, with cooperation from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities and the European Institute for Underwater Archaeology (IEASM). It features statuary, jewelry, daily items, coins and religious tokens that archaeologists have uncovered from the time surrounding Cleopatra’s rule, all of which are visiting the U.S. for the first time.

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