Monday, December 13, 2010

Medinet Madi Archaeological Park

Medinet Madi is a lovely Middle Kingdom site in the Faiyum Depression. I've posted a number of photographs of it and items about it in the past. Just type Medinet Madi into the search engine on this blog to see photographs and links. Because it is remote it only receives a few visitors which means that every time that I've been there with friends we've had the place to ourselves.
Photo copyright Bob Partridge, Editor of Ancient Egypt Magazine with my thanks.

The project is a highly ambitious one whose results were recently examined at a conference held in Cairo . . . .

During the conference the importance of Italian and Egyptian institutions' experience and know-how was foregrounded, which were exemplified by the fruitful cooperation between the Italian University of Pisa and Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, which led not only to recovery of the only Middle Kingdom temple in the country, with texts inscribed into the walls and relief works, as well as the restoration of the entire surrounding area, but also, and most importantly, its availability to visitors in full compliance with the defence of the environment and with major socio-economic returns.

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