Monday, December 20, 2010

Photo for Today - W.H. Bartlett drawings

Egypt Archive (Jon Bosworth)

The last of the current batch of photographs lifted from Jon's site (with his permission) this is one of a set of 19 images that Jon has posted on his Egypt Archive site at the above address. Remember that Jon has said that he may not be renewing the domain next year so if you want to see the full set of images, now would be a good time! Jon's accompanying text reads as follows:

In the mid 1850s W H Bartlett visited Egypt and travelled down the Nile by boat. He recorded his impressions in a book called 'The Nile Boat or Glimpses of the Land of Egypt'. The plates in the book where engraved from his own drawings except for the material from Abu Simbel which he did not reach due to illness.

The plates here are reproduced from a fifth edition of the book published in 1862.

Many thanks to Jon for a great batch of photographs and for his permission to use them.

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